About flamingo

<< They say, that many­many years ago all flamingos were brown. And this fact made them very sad, of course.

­ We are so beautiful and graceful but our color is so ugly and gloomy. See, even spiteful crocodiles that live in a magic river are pink! Are we worse?

­ Let’s also dip into this river ­ the most courageous flamingo offered. Birds were very scared but they took a chance and in midnight went to the pink river. All crocodiles had been already sleeping so flamingos took a bath and returned home. In the morning they saw that they feathers become pale pink in color ­ like clouds at sunset. But... Evening came and the magic run out. And flamingos became brown again.

Birds cried bitterly and prayed to the Gods for help. Suddenly the wind blew, the sky turned dark, clouds gathered and began to rain. Pink rain. And when it finished birds looked at each other and realized that they are now colored in amazing pale pink color. >>

This is a south african myth that explains why flamingos have pink feathering. But we have to disappoint you ­ in reality everything is not so romantic and the color of birds depend on what they eat.

In wild nature there are flamingos of many different colors ­ from snow­white to bright pink. Pink or red color of feathers, according to zoologists, caused by either spirulina alga (which is green­blue by the way) or small sea monkeys (artemia salina) which are food for birds. Both “food products” are sources of carotene. The same asin carrots. So if you decide to have a home flamingo you can bring a white one and to feed it carrots. The main thing is not to ruin ­ flamingo can eat an amount of food that is equivalent to a quarter of its weight.

By the way, if you think that flamingos are exclusively african birds you are particularly mistaken. Flamingos live in France, Spain and Kazakhstan. Sometimes they fly to Russia ­ they can be seen at lake Baikal and even in the area of St. Petersburg. Occasionally they decide on an extreme tour and set off to Iceland! But of course most often flamingos can be met in warm places ­ Asia, South America and Africa.

Thus, one single Kenyan lake Nakuru gathers several millions of these amazing birds each year.