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What to see and where to live in Vienna

  • Vienna is the capital, the largest city of Austria, and also one of its provinces. This capital with almost two million people is called the "lady dancing to the rhythm of the waltz." Its historic center appears to be a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

    Vienna is one of the best places to live according to researches. It is safe, politically stable, affordable city with affordable health care, good public transportation and rich culture. There are many beautiful parks to relax. In the evening you can walk along beautifully lighted alleys and labyrinth of Schönbrunn Castle Garden Belvedere, Palmarium or a Japanese garden. What to see and where to live  in Vienna
  • You can enjoy Vienna from the spring till autumn, when temperatures are pleasant and you can enjoy the beauty of the city without unnecessary congestion. From June to August can expect higher temperatures as well as the higher local prices.

    n Vienna you can find signs of Art Nouveau to modern architecture. You will find the most famous Austrian Gothic church of St. Stephen. Inlaid roof is decorated with two-headed eagle, then interior has valuable altars, gold and jeweled relics. One of the fabulous monuments to imperial history of Vienna is summer residence Schönbrunn Palace. Although from its 1441 rooms, only 45 is accessible, we recommend you to spend the whole day here. Besides rococo interiors and ornamental gardens there, we recommend to visit Europe's oldest Zoo. The residence Hofburg still resides Austrian president. Part of the Viennese Prater, Wurstelprater is the oldest amusement park in the world.
  • Austrian capital offers high standard of services. We offer you a tutorial on how to select the right hotel in Vienna.

    Vienna is a great city and the hotels are located here on almost every corner. Hotels in the city of Vienna are of course more expensive than hotels, which are located on the outskirts of the city. In our database you will find more than 1400 hotels for reasonable prices.
  • What to see and where to live  in Vienna
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