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What to see and where to live in Singapore

  • Singapore is a city-state on the same name island and on 54 connected islands near the tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is located in Southeast Asia. The name is derived from Sanskrit and means Lion City. This is the best place in terms of quality of life. There is a tempting combination of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures. And therefore English language here is one of the official ones.

    Modern History of Singapore begins in 1819, when it was founded as a British port. Since the sixties of the last century, it is an independent state with a rapidly growing economy. It is an important transportation hub – the second largest port in the world and the air bridge between Europe, Asia and Australia. What to see and where to live  in Singapore
  • Singapore`s climate is tropical with high humidity. The driest period you can experience in June and July, when during school holidays the highest temperatures take place. The main touristic season here is between November and June.

    City of the Future can boast of its beautiful botanical gardens. The locals often relax here and try to melt the stress of city life. Local flora offers different species of orchid and national flower Sigapuru. The Garden is one of the architectural projects of Marina Bay – a great hotel which consists of three towers united at the level of 57th floor with a single roof with a swimming pool on it. On lower floors the hotel has a variety of shops, the largest casino in the world, theater, skating rink, subway and even a river. It`s not a science fiction, it`s just a small taste of Singapore. Did you know that the national animal of Singapore is a lion mixed with a mermaid?
  • Singapore offers a high standard of service and a lot of modern architecture which makes it one of the most visited destinations in the world. Let`s talk about how to choose a hotel in Singapore.

    Hotels in downtown Singapore are of course more expensive than hotels which are located on the outskirts of the city. In our database you will find more than 600 Singaporean hotels for reasonable prices. We constantly try to update and compare prices from local tour operators and prices offered by hotels directly to provide you the best alternatives.
  • What to see and where to live  in Singapore
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