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  • Riga is the capital of Latvia. It lies at the mouth of the Daugava River to the Gulf of Riga Baltic Sea. The largest city in the entire Baltic region and is also the cultural, educational, political, business and industrial center of the region. It plays a significant role as a transit between Western nations and Russia.

    Riga was one of the Hanseatic cities in the past. There are many academic institutions as a Latvian Parliament and Riga Castle, residence of the president of the country. The historic center is a World Heritage Site. Besides medieval sacred sites you can be attracted by significant Art Nouveau buildings that make Riga compared to destinations such as Vienna, St. Petersburg and Barcelona. What to see and where to live
  • The best time to visit Riga is the main season is summer. However, if you are a fan of light frost and snow cover, you'll enjoy it even in winter. The spring season is from April to June and autumn months from September to October.

    Each century left its traces in Riga. Most historical places are located in Old Riga or in the central part. Despite a series of devastating events, many wooden buildings has been preserved mainly in the district Grizinkalns, on the island of Kipsala, and the Moscow suburbs. Those on the left bank Pardaugava come from the early 17th century. Riga can boast with the largest church in the Baltics. It is a monumental Romanesque cathedral, whose construction began in 1211. The Riga Castle, which is used outside ceremonial purposes and for several museums, originates from the 14th century. The highest local medieval building is St. Peter's Church. For Art Nouveau gems you must visit the streets Alberta. Riga has the densest coverage of Internet network for free throughout Europe.
  • If you've been persuaded to visit the Latvian capital, let's talk about choosing a hotel in Riga. We do recomend to choose a hotel in the city center of Riga located near the major shopping sites and ancient monuments.

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  • What to see and where to live
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