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What to see and where to live in New York city

  • New York is the most populous city in the United States. It lies on the eastern coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Currently it maintains a lidership in trade and finance, as well as has cultural, media and political importance. It is a symbol of multicultural and cosmopolitan life of modern times. Perhaps because of the United Nations headquarters.

    The city was founded by the Dutch in the first half of the 17th century. It was one of the first places where slavery was abolished. Symbol of the city is world-famous Statue of Liberty with the Declaration of Independence and a crown with seven rays. What to see and where to live  in New York city
  • New York can be visited at any time. During winter snow takes place and temperatures are usually around zero. In summer you can expect a grueling heat. In spring not only its flora wakes up, but also its famous street buzz.

    New York is a destination brimming with attractions, and is therefore called "the city that never sleeps". Five city districts offer a variety of flavors and contrasts. Manhattan is a crazy island, where anything can happen. Make sure you will visit the famous Times Square, the Empire State Building and Broadway theater boulevard. Brooklyn offers a peaceful, though creative environment, that traditionally attracts artists of all kinds. The cosmopolitan Queens offers interesting museums and galleries as well as diverse oriental cuisine. Staten Island is an oasis full of parks and hiking trails where you can take a cruise with views of the Statue of Liberty. New York has many nicknames. The most famous are the Big Apple and the darkest Gotham.
  • Notorious concrete jungle of skyscrapers. It is a paradise for fashionists and artists from all over the world. Are you ready to visit Fifth Avenue, famous Broadway, Times Square or Manhattan with a lively nightlife, trendy bars and restaurants? Ladies, do not miss the chance to enjoy the atmosphere in the tradition of legendary television series "Sex and the City".

    If you decide to book a hotel in New York, it is necessary to take into account not only location, but also your own financial resources. If you choose a hotel in the centre of Manhattan, prices can be higher. To find a cheap hotel in New York is easier than it might seem. In our database you will find more than 1,100 hotels in New York City. So do not hesitate to visit Big Apple with us!
  • What to see and where to live  in New York city
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