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What to see and where to live in Copenhagen

  • Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. It lies on the east coast of Sjælland and occupies a smaller part of the north of the island of Amager. Suburban area extends a slight exaggeration to bridge across Øresund and the Swedish Malmö. It is the seat of the Danish Queen. There is the largest airport in Scandinavia and the it is a regional center of trade, culture and science.

    Copenhagen is a modern cosmopolitan city full of action and relaxation. Metropolis wins statistics with living standards, design and considerate approach to the nature. There is a series of architectural buildings, the charming cafes and renowned restaurants. It has a romantic atmosphere with canals, cobbled squares and copper tower. What to see and where to live  in Copenhagen
  • Ideal time to visit Copenhagen is in the end of August, when you can still enjoy summer temperatures. Warming begins in late April, May and June is one of the most beautiful seasons. In the winter there are frequent clashes and long nights.

    Part of Copenhagen are also two independent cities - Frederiksberg, where the Copenhagen Zoo is located and Christiania, which is considered as an autonomous region and it is not a part of the EU. Both destinations can be reached by Copenhagen traffic. Worth a visit is the royal residence Amalienborg and the local museum. The example of Dutch Renaissance is the building of castle Rosenborg, which was used as a royal residence, but nowadays is rather used as a storehouse of royal furniture. Other interior decoration can be viewed in the permanent exhibition. In the city center you can enjoy your time in the amusement park Tivoli. One of the most popular attractions is the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid.
  • Copenhagen is a beautiful place for your vacation, especially in the season, but outside you can choose among countless restaurants and cultural events. Depending on how you choose to spend your time, we will help you to choose accommodation in Copenhagen. Whether you wish suite for large family or to settle for a bed in a shared room you can choose from more than 200 hotels.

    Before your visit to this European city is recommended to thoroughly study the map of Copenhagen. Book hotel in Copenhagen with a just a few clicks. We constantly strive to upgrade our offer and compare prices, we are able to offer the best services in the market. Flymeango help you find the right direction.
  • What to see and where to live  in Copenhagen
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