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What to see and where to live in Chicago

  • Chicago is located on Northeast of United States, Illinois, on the shore of Lake Michigan. It is the third most populous city in the United States. It has really multinational atmospehere. There is huge Czech minority in Chicago. To this day there is to see many buildings and institutions with Czech names.

    Chicago is a major transport hub that is connected to the rich east of the Wild West. But it is also one of the the megacities of industry and world trade. Here begins the famous "Mother Road," Route 66 which leads across the United States. Although it was in the eighties replaced with a system of highways, it remains the least accessible to fans as the historic route. What to see and where to live  in Chicago
  • Four seasons - blooming, but rainy spring, sprightly sweltering summer, colorful and chilly autumn and cold winter with short days. Simply choose what suits you best. The rainiest months include April and August.

    Chicago is cleaen and greene and therefore it is called the city garden. Chicago's highest and second american building Willis Tower measures 442 metres and has on the 103 floor it has three glass booth with a breathtaking view. The best view of skyscrapers offers elevated railway - Chicago loop that runs along the perimeter of the city. Another famous attraction is over 900 m long Navy Pier on Lake Michigan, which forms a large amusement park. Chicago can also boast with Buckingham Fountain, which is the largest in the world. Do not miss a visit to the amazing museums, like the Museum of World surgery. Chicago is the birthplace of men's magazine Playboy. It was founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner.
  • High standard of service, plenty of restaurants, interesting architecture all of this makes this city a dream destination.

    Chicago is one of the biggest American cities and hotels are located here on almost every corner. Hotels in downtown Chicago will be more expensive than hotels, which are located on the outskirts of the city. In our database you will find an interesting offer of hotels at reasonable prices. We are constantly trying to update our range of hotels and compare prices with local tour operators and the prices offered by hotels directly.
  • What to see and where to live  in Chicago
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