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What to see and where to live in Budapest

  • The capital of Hungary is the main economic and cultural center. City, as its name implies, was created by merging Buda, Old Buda and Pest. In the Buda hills there are several caves. The capital can also boast with several thermal springs.

    The town has a colorful history which originates in the Celts, Romans and Slavs, but also in the Mongolian invasion and in Turkish domination. All of them left behind at least a small footprint. In the Middle Ages it was housed by Serb minority and their Orthodox churches. What to see and where to live  in Budapest
  • The city of Budapest is not located far from Lake Balaton, because of that the tourist season is influenced by holidays and warm weather from June to August, when temperatures climb up to 35 ℃. Increasing prices you will also fee duringl the Christmas period.

    On the Buda bank you can visit the Statue of Liberty, the citadel or the Statue of St. Gellert on the same named hill as well as the Royal Palace on Várhegy. You should not skip Matthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion. Left bank dominates with St. Stephen's Basilica and the neo-Gothic Parliament building, most extensive construction in Hungary, where you will find the Hungarian crown jewels. You can establish a stroll along Andrássy Avenue, where besides numerous theaters, cafes and restaurants are also modern interpretations of the House of Terror Museum and the end of Heroes' Square, where are immortalized the most important figures of Hungarian history. Then you can relax in one of the parks like on Margaret Island. The only city in the world on whose territory the many hot springs - there are 123 in total.
  • Do you wish to make a trip to this colorful Hungarian capital. Choose a hotel in Budapest is very simpley. First, you need to clarify where exactly should be to hotel located. We suggest that you carefully study the map of Budapest, for better orientation as to know where they are most famous historical places of Budapest.

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  • What to see and where to live  in Budapest
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