Two­-hour guide around Paris. What to see.

One fall in love with it at first sight, another acquaints with it for a long time before making a declaration of his feelings to Paris. And there are those who become completely disappointed with a notorious "city of love". So what does this such a different perception depend on? Of course, on one`s character and subjective preferences. But one more thing also matters ­ what Paris each of us had an occasion to discover. Oh yes, there are a lot of them ­ plenty of different Parises. And here we don`t say about numerous settlements in remote areas of United States and Russia that have the same name. This is exactly the capital of France that has so many faces. And your impression of it depends on which of them you will see.

  • Two­-hour guide around Paris. What to see.
    To make the selected root bring you a pleasure decide how much time you going to spend in Paris and what exactly you want to get from the city walk. Do not think that for a full immersion in the atmosphere of French capital you will need a week or two. Even if you have very little time at your disposal you can spend it wisely.

So, what to see in Paris if you came for just couple of hours.

All right, it happens. When, for example, you travel to any other country and have a transfer or a stop in Paris. Or, maybe, you are on a business trip in Paris and have only two hours of free time. Believe us, two hours is not few, this is quite enough in the case you will plan your root wisely.

For those who is limited in time there are two ways. First is to see classic Paris, second ­ the atmosphere.

  • Two­-hour guide around Paris. What to see.
    Meeting with classic Paris should be started with the area of Grand Opera ­ the famous Paris opera built on the order of Napoleon III. Grand Opera, also known by its second name Opera Garnier (named after the architect), is renowned for its eclectic architecture. Interior decoration is no less remarkable. When you visit Paris for a longer time take time to visit it ­ for a performance or just walking in a lobby and grand staircase which turned into a museum long ago. But now when you have only few hours at your disposal just enjoy the sight of an exquisite facade.
  • Two­-hour guide around Paris. What to see.
    The next point of your route is Louvre. The best way to it is across the Place Vendome, thus you can see the famous tower in the center and no less famous hotel Ritz. Princess Diana, Marcel Proust, Charlie Chaplin and many others stayed in its rooms in different times. Near Louvre don not miss one more important sightseeing ­ the Palais Royal that keeps quite at the walls of former royal residence. It was built for Cardinal Richelieu and then served as a refuge for many notable persons. Today the famous Comedie Francaise founded by Louis XIV is situated in its chambers. Unfortunately you will have no time to enjoy the play as well as to see the legendary Mona Lisa ­ one of the most famous pictures in Louvre. But to take a photo against the famous pyramid at the entrance ­ quite enough.
  • Two­-hour guide around Paris. What to see.Two­-hour guide around Paris. What to see.
    Now when you walked around the former palaces turn your back to an entrance to Louvre. And don’t worry that it could be impolite to monarchs who used to live here. They would definitely forgive you when understand that you are going to Tuileries Jardins. There were times when kings themselves liked to walk there with their attendants. And sometimes too much probably: the Tuileries garden repeatedly became the center of revolutionary uprisings. During one of them it even lost its offspring ­ the palace of the same name. But l’Arc de Triomphe at Carrousel square which separates Tuileries and the Louvre is still preserved.
    Strolling through the Tuileries garden you will unwittingly find yourself on the Place de la Concorde. Today a huge obelisk stands in its center ­ a gift for the king Louis­Philippe from Egyptian ruler Mehmet Ali. In former times on the site of the column there was a guillotine which took away the lives of the king Louis XVI and his spouse Marie­Antoinette. The Concorde bridge that leads from the square of the same name to the other side of Seine is also remarkable. It paved with stones that formerly were a part the prison Bastille wall.
  • Two­-hour guide around Paris. What to see.
    When you are in Paris for longer time necessarily walk over the Concorde bridge. And now move to the Champs Elysees ­ one of the most famous major roads in Paris, sung by Joe Dassin. Admire the architecture of Grand and Small Palaces, after that turn to an embankment of Seine and cross it over the Alexander III bridge. This bridge, named after the Russian tsar, is considered to be the most beautiful in Paris and provides an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides and the Champs Elysees.

If instead of classic sights you prefer to get acquainted with atmosphere Paris then start your route on the Ile de la Cite ­ a place where the French capital was born. Find the mark "kilometer zero" on the square in front of the Notre Dame, look for the inscription "Ananke" on the temple`s wall which was described by Victor Hugo in his novel Notre Dame de Paris. Аfter this move over the bridge to right bank of the Seine.

  • Two­-hour guide around Paris. What to see.
    And almost immediately you will find yourself on the square of Hotel de Ville. Is it`s summer time you will probably catch Parisians playing beach volleyball. In winter ­ skating at the rink. Anyway there are always a lot of people. Parisians love to gather on squares and relax together. This is in their blood. And if now, in XXI century they prefer volleyball and skating then up to the XIX century, when the Hotel de Ville square was called Place de Greve, people came there to watch executions. Well, each time has its fun. Having felt the atmosphere of Paris on the square Hotel de Ville you will completely immerse in it when you get in the quarter Marais. This is where really primeval Paris lies. City that was not affected by modern city reconstructions. Colors of Paris are everywhere, even in the names of streets ­ Rose Bushes, Bad Guys, Kites, Free Citizens. Somewhere among them the castle Sanz mislaid ­ home of famous Queen Margot. The Marais is a nice place to sit outdoors with a glass of rough french wine and to breathe the real unspoiled atmosphere of Paris.