Vacation begins with a suitcase

Oh yes, in the best traditions of the theatre which begins with a cloakroom, your vacation begins with a suitcase. Please keep it in mind when you set off for a journey. The outcome of your holiday in many respects depends on what you put in your travel bag. But no less important to think about the suitcase itself. Believe us, suitcase is not just a bag for things. This is an accessory that can either add you cares or relieve from them at the correct approach.

  • Vacation begins with a suitcase
    To begin with we recommend to define the purpose of your journey – what you are going to do on vacation. Will you need a lot of things during the trip or may you’re going to perform a grand shopping? There’s a chance that you will face to a problem of overweight and, consequently, additional expenses. In this case it makes sense to purchase a large bag made of thin plastic that weighs 2­3 kilos less than its counterparts from heavier materials.

Maybe you’re getting prepared for a short­term trip where you’ll need a minimum of things? Then there’s a point in sorting out a small suitcase which you can take on board. Thus you kill two birds – you don’t have to carry bulky bag and save yourself from an exhausting waiting for a baggage on arrival. This is quite complicated to say about the maximum allowed dimensions of a carry­on: it depends on internal rules of each exact airline, itinerary and type of aircraft. But normally the sum of three dimensions mustn’t exceed 115 cm (55x40x20).

  • Vacation begins with a suitcaseVacation begins with a suitcase
    If you’re transporting valuables we recommend you to purchase a suitcase of aluminium or thick plastic. This is a kind of road safe, but keep in mind that it weighs a lot and costs much. but instead you’ll be confident of the safety of all your belongings: a chance that something happens with your suitcase during the flight is extremely small.
    For delicate ladies as well as others who is planning to move a lot during the trip we strongly recommend to buy a suitcase on wheels (better on four ones). In this case you can forget how it is ­ to carry heaviness.
  • Vacation begins with a suitcase
    And finally, wherever you would go, what trip you would plan – never skimp on suitcases. Cheap plastic can be easily damaged, cheap fabric – torn. Remember: a miser pays twice. And if you purchase low­quality suitcase then probably next time you will have to buy not only a new bag but also new things. We understand however that there’s not always a chance to to choose. If you still have to hit the road with a budget option we advise that you should wrap your bag around with a packing tape – it will add reliability. For the same purpose you can use extra baggage belts (which, by the way, are not in vain for quality suitcases either).

And after all one more small advice. Tie up some bright ribbon or paste a sticker on the suitcase before the flight. In this case you will surely distinguish your bag from any similar one on the tape. We wish you and your suitcase a great journey!