10 reasons to visit St Petersburg

Northern capital of Russia, cultural capital and, at least, dream city. Haven’t been here yet? This annoying misunderstanding should be reformed, especially because there are many reasons for this:

1. Count all bridges in the city

  • 10 reasons to visit St Petersburg
    Not in vain St Petersburg is compared with Venice and Amsterdam. There are a lot of canals here and more than one bridge across each of them. Some of them are not remarkable for the first sight, and some are real architectural masterpieces. But the quantity of them impresses even the boldest imagination! The only Griboedov canal has more than 20 bridges across it! So, how many of them are there in the city? Do not rush to ask Google. Better go to St Petersburg and try to count! It’s much more interesting, isn’t it?
  • 10 reasons to visit St Petersburg10 reasons to visit St Petersburg
    2. To see Petersburg bird’s-eye view
    For this it’s enough to climb up the colonnade of St Isaac’s Cathedral. And do not be lazy to overcome many footsteps: all city at a glance from there, and a view is just incredible. Besides, the Isaac’s architecture is very interesting. This is only one dome which creation took more than 100 kilos of gold! The internal decoration, designed with malachite, lapis lazuli, marble, is no less impressive.
    3. Go to a performance in Mariinsky
    In Moscow – The Bolshoi, in Petersburg – Mariinsky. Mariinsky Theatre is a must-go place when visiting Russia’s Northern capital. But be advised, that it’s better to buy tickets in advance: the demand is high and the prices as well – not the cheapest ones. For those who are not theatrical connoisseurs it will be still interesting to view the grand building, to assess its architecture and decoration.
  • 10 reasons to visit St Petersburg
    4. Visit Hermitage
    In former time russian emperors lived in Zimny Palace, and now one of the largest museums in the world is situated here. However, the Hermitage complex includes several buildings. And the Zimny Palace, although it’s not the central one, was given to the museum one of the last, after the October Revolution. Hermitage is definitely must-see point in a list of St Petersburg sights. Even if you want to perceive classical Petersburg.
  • 10 reasons to visit St Petersburg
    5. Inspect the exposition of the Russian Museum
    If the Hermitage is the most popular museum in St Petersburg, then the Russian museum is the next in popularity. Here are exhibited world-famous paintings. In particular – Mark Chagall, Valentin Serov, Kazimir Malevich, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. As well as the collection of the Hermitage, exposition of the Russian museum cannot be put in one building. But the most famous works are situated in Mikhailovsky Palace on the Arts square.
  • 10 reasons to visit St Petersburg10 reasons to visit St Petersburg
    6. Take a picture against the backdrop of the cruiser «Aurora»
    Blank gun shot from the cruiser «Aurora» on October 25, 1917 was the signal for the seizure of the Zimny Palace. Thus the October revolution, which turned the course of history, began. Today the cruiser is one of the most famous sightseeings in St Petersburg and the cultural heritage. In 2014 the cruiser «Aurora» was sent for reconstruction to Kronstadt. In 2016, after the repair works, the ship is planned to be returned to its place at the Petrohrad embankment.
    7. Travel around all St Petersburg suburbs
    In Moscow citizens joke – if there’s any life out of the city. And in St Petersburg people know exactly what to see and enjoy in suburbs. Out of Petersburg there are a lot of interesting places: Petergof, which is famous for its fountains all over the world; Pavlovsk – the former residence of the emperor Pavel I; Tsarskoye Selo – a place where there was a lyceum where Alexander Pushkin studied and whose name the town has now.
  • 10 reasons to visit St Petersburg
    8. To view bridges moving apart
    The most popular thing that every russian kid knows about St Petersburg is that bridges here are being moved apart. And you probably have heard about it thousands of times but once you see this – it will leave a bright and indelible mark on you. This is a real miracle! The main thing is just to be on the correct side of the Neva river, otherwise you’ll have you walk along the Petersburg streets until morning, when bridges will be brought together again. But.. there’s some romance in it.
  • 10 reasons to visit St Petersburg
    9. To see the white nights
    To see the legendary Petersburg white nights you should come to the city in june. At this period you can walk in the light of the day 24/7. And this is the time when you can explore all the nooks of Petersburg – its famous well-like courtyards, roofs; visit underground centers and other art places. In other words, if you don’t have enough hours in a day, then white nights is the best way to rectify the situation.
    10. Follow the ways of literary heroes
    St Petersburg is a place where you can search for the footsteps not only real people but literary heroes as well. Thus, for example, aside the Griboedov canal (though it was called Ekaterinensky that time) Fedor Dostoevsky settled the heroes of his novel «Crime and Punishment» – Sonya Marmeladova and an elderly pawn-broker. Not far from this place the main character Raskolnikov lived. By the way, Dostoevsky lived also on the Griboedov canal embankment (house № 61). And his neighbour from the house № 69 was the other famous russian writer Nikolay Gogol.